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A podcast about

"All Things Fairport"!

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Jun 25, 2018

Casey Daggett is one of Fairport's strongest mothers!  Two years ago, her daughter, Zoey, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and they have been fighting for Zoey the whole time. Hear all about:

  • The whirlwind experience of learning Zoey had cancer
  • Their experiences seeking treatment (including traveling to Germany)
  • How Casey's bodypump group helps her cope with stress
  • How they've handled having tough conversations with Zoey
  • What she loves about Zoey
  • Her expert tips of how to survive a hospital stay with kids
Apr 19, 2018

Coach Don Santini (Class of '57) is the amazingly successful coach who lead the Fairport Football Team to seven Section 5 Class AAA Titles between 1975-1992.  Find out:  

  • The ONE game he would like a "re-do"
  • His personal game day rituals
  • How do get kids "fired up"
  • What's his ringtone today . . . 
  • Why he thinks he retired too early


Thank you to TK's Pizzeria and Fairport Brewing Company for sponsoring this episode!

Mar 13, 2018


Maureen Aguglia was an award winning bartender and restaurant manager when she had a near death experience that motivated her to completely change her life. This episode is PACKED with inspiring and interesting stories from Maureen's life!

Find out:

  • How a trip to her dentist almost turned deadly 
  • How Maureen copes and thrives with dyslexia
  • What she did when her 5th grade teacher said she would never graduate from high school 
  • Maureen's experience with a sudden brain surgery
  • How she "held it together" as a single mom
  • Life behind the scenes of the fancy/flare free-pour bartending world
Feb 11, 2018

When Nate Romagnola (FHS Class of 1999) took a summer job mowing lawns and tending mausoleums, he never dreamed he would end up as the Vice President of White Haven Cemetery someday!

Find out:

  • How a city planner became a burial planner!
  • Why planning a funeral is a lot like planning a wedding . . . 
  • Latest burial trends (yes, it's a real thing!)
  • How Nate deals with the solemn nature of his job
  • Why Nate's extended family is EXTRA close . . . 
  • The "most popular" spot at White Haven Cemetery


Thank you to The Inn on Church for sponsoring this episode!

Modern Lodging with a Nod to History

Jan 21, 2018

Dave Paddock was the principal of Fairport High School from 1995 - 2008 and quickly became known as a beloved administrator who connected with students and the community. 

Find out:  

  • Why his own high school experience was traumatic 
  • Why he decided to learn the names of the entire graduating class each year
  • Dave's experiences being a principal in the immediate aftermath of Columbine
  • How to discipline with love
  • What started Brotherhood and Sisterhood week 
  • Why he retired



Thank you to The Inn on Church for sponsoring this episode!

Modern Lodging with a Nod to History