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A podcast about

"All Things Fairport"!

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Dec 19, 2016
#16:  Max Erickson

Max Erickson moved across the country this year to Fairport.  What's it like to move to Fairport as a junior in high school?  Hear all about:

  • What helped make Max's transition to Fairport so much easier
  • How the first day of school went during lunch
  • What he thinks about FHS
  • His advice for anyone moving anywhere!
Nov 4, 2016
#15:  McCarthy Tents and Events with Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy (FHS Class of '98) went to college to become a social studies teacher. Never did he imagine he'd plunk down all his savings and start his own tent and event company years later!  Find out all about:


  • The biggest thing that goes wrong at weddings
  • The advice he'd give everyone when planning a wedding
  • How he feels about working with his wife and family
  • How McCarthy Tents and Events transforms Instgram dreams into reality
Oct 24, 2016
#14:  The Inn on Church with Pam Renfro

Pam Renfro and Angela Herrald were neighbors chatting in their driveways before they decided to dive into a new venture:  Open a Bed and Breakfast in the village of Fairport!  Hear all about:

  • How a former youth-minister and an athropologist make the perfect team
  • The "Harry Potter Room" under the stairs
  • The vast amount of historical records about the house
  • Original features of the home on stunning display throughout the Inn
Oct 13, 2016
#13:  Ghost Walks of Fairport with Ron Roberts

Just in time for Halloween - Ron Roberts previews some of the ghost stories of the Village of Fairport.  Hear all about:

  • Which historical home might host thirty different spirits!
  • How Ron found out about all these stories
  • How to get a spot on this FREE Ghost Walk before the season ends
  • If Ron believes in ghosts . . . 

Ron Roberts leading a Ghost Walk of Fairport

Oct 3, 2016
#12:  Mrs. J of the Fairport Public Library

Amy Joslyn (Mrs. J) wanted to be the first female president, and then a criminal lawyer and a host of other things before she started working in the children's section of a library and realized that it was "magical"!  

Hear Mrs. J's journey of becoming a librarian, tips for reading with kids, her loooooong commute, what makes her cranky, and her favorite books!

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Sep 12, 2016
#11:  Fairport Brewing Company with Tim Garman

The Fairport Brewing Company (FBC) transformed the corner of Church and Main Streets into the coolest place to be any night of the week!  Drive by and you'll see a food truck and hear great tunes from the live music out on the patio. Behind all of it is Tim Garman -- owner of the Fairport Brewing Company!


Hear all about:

  • The ghost that haunts the FBC
  • What makes FBC a farm brewery, not a micro brewery
  • How all the beer is made right in the Village of Fairport
  • The Kickstarter campaign got Tim Garman started
  • His proudest moments with FBC
Sep 7, 2016
 #10:  Marty Cardona - case worker for over 2,500 adoptions

Marty Cardona might be the busiest woman in Fairport!  Hear all about:

  • How she became an adoption case worker and helped place over 2,500 children with adoptive couples
  • How a magazine article started her on her own journey of adopting two children from Korea
  • What kept her sane while raising six young kids
  • How adoption proceedings have changed over the years
  • How Rochester is the #2 city in the country for adoptions from Korea
  • Her latest work with Bill and Joanne Cala in Africa


And so much more! Fairport is lucky to have Marty Cardona!

Aug 16, 2016
#9:  Chris Dudley - How YMCA Summer Camp Shaped His Life

It's summer camp time, and this episode we hear from Fairport alumn, Chris Dudley, about how he went from going to sleep-away summer camp as an eight-year old kid, to working as a counselor and eventually continuing his career at the YMCA today!

It was so awesome to hear how Brotherhood & Sisterhood Week, working at The Lampion at FHS and teachers like John Baynes and Bob Shaw influenced him along the way to pursue a service-minded career!

Jun 30, 2016
#8:  Brian Lilly -- great nordic skiier, amazing coach!

Fairport alumn, Brian Lilly (class of '98), STILL holds the record for the mile at FHS!  After an impressive career competing in nordic skiing at some of the highest levels, including the Olympic Training Center, two Olympic Trials, the Junior World Championships, and the US Military Biathlon, he retired in 2003 and expanded his career to coaching.  

Hear all about his experiences including:

  • A sweaty hat that has been handed down through FHS track athletes for over 20 years -- and how one mom finally broke down and washed it in the early 2000s
  • How his athletes' successes are some of his proudest moments
  • What it means to be a good coach
  • What it's like being a stay-at-home dad
Jun 21, 2016

Everyone loves seeing the revolving Christmas tree on South Main Street each Christmas season.  Find out everything you ever wanted to know about this Fairport icon, including:

  • Why Pete Hartman built it for his prom back in the 1950's
  • How he keeps the wires from getting tangled
  • Exactly how fast it revolves
  • Why his house was painted pink for decades!  
Jun 1, 2016

Who drops out of college, competes on Star Search back in the 80s, writes a song about mashed potatoes and ends up being a beloved Fairport Principal?!  Rich Greene!  

Hear about his personal journey as well as the background behind how Jefferson Avenue won the Spirit Award at the Homecoming Spectacular Event last October.  SPOILER:  He thinks he cheated a little bit . . .  

May 24, 2016
#5:  Foraging for food along the Erie Canal with April Jordan

April Jordan has perfected the art of foraging for food along the Erie Canal.  Want to know how which part of a cattail you can eat?  How to make acorn flour?  Where to find the best berries?  Should you eat ferns raw or cooked?  Listen and find out!

SPOILER ALERT:  You know that bambooish looking plant?  You can eat that too!

May 17, 2016
#4:  Fairport Crew Club with Bruce Weick

Everyone loves seeing the Fairport Crew Club out on the canal!   What started as handful of teenagers in 1999 has grown to a team of over 100 kids!  Hear all about:

  • How the canal water is PERFECT for crew (who knew?!)
  • How Bruce Weick gets the inside scoop about when the canal will fill in the spring
  • If ducks get in the way
  • The HUGE winter training facility in the Country Club Plaza
  • Indoor rowing tanks!
May 10, 2016
#3:  Julie Stolze and Red Bird Market

Ever wanted to do something completely different with your life?  Julie Stolze was a stay-at-home mom, until her youngest was in 8th grade, and then decided to try something totally new!  Hear all about what surprised her about owning a small business, how she unwinds in her little red convertible bug (!!!), the people who cheered her along the way and her most unusual flavor of peanut butter!  

May 5, 2016
#2:  Christina Bancroft and her frozen embryo transfer


In Episode Two, I chat with Fairport resident, Christina Bancroft.  She and her husband struggled with infertility for eight years before undergoing a frozen embryo transfer using donor eggs.  Hear all about their journey from fertility treatments arriving at their doorstep, to what kept them strong and sane during those years, and how they eventually ended up at a clinic in Washington State.  

Get your tissues ready for the moment when after eight years of waiting, Christina finally hears a nurse say "Congratulations, you're pregnant!"  and she drives to her husband's police station to give him the news.  


*My voice is slightly quiet in this podcast, but you can hear Christina loud and clear - which is great because she has one amazing story!


May 2, 2016
#1: Tony Keil of TK's Pizzeria

Tony Keil started TK's Pizzeria in 1975 and the rest is history!  Learn about: 

  • How Tony got started
  • Why he ALWAYS smells like pizza
  • What he bought with his first paycheck as a teenager
  • And a whole lot more!